damses Software engineering solutions

damses Software engineering solutions

We are a relatively young company passionate about web technologies and software development.

Our principles

The quality, commitment, security or innovation are not ideas that aim, but live with them, feel them inside. These are the principles that form the very essence of our work can be found in every product we design and develop.

David Alcaraz Moreno

Software Engineer with experience in different technologies, has worked on projects such as payment methods, server virtualization, mailing, video streaming, web applications and desktop management.

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB

 Software engineering solutions

Today, a computer program tailored to the specific needs of the company holds the key to business success. Therefore damses focuses on providing flexible solutions and comfort given the expected vadded value and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our plan of action starts with the requirements analysis where customers tell us your needs, from here we make the feasibility study through which we will seek solutions, either by adapting existing solutions in the market or created a new application . The dialogue and communication with the client achieve the optimum design application through various tests and checks will get your full satisfaction.

Kind of solutions:

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications for mobile devices
  • eCommerce online shops

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